Upper Cuff- The Cufflink Store


Upper Cuff presents a variety of cufflink collections designed by Amelie Lundborg.  The designs vary from modern to classic, bringing color and personality to men’s accessories. 

Creating has always had a big part in Amelie’s life, just as her family. She has drawn inspiration to many of her collections and designs from her relatives, to mention a few;

Her grandfather Hugo "Gogo" von Heidenstam was a fantastic writer and speaker and so the Initial collection was born, with its root from the type bars of old typewriters. Gogo also worked most of his life within shipping and loved to sail his boat "Kajsa"  more than anything, preferably whilst smoking his beloved pipe. The Maritime collection origin from the beautiful international maritime signal flags used aboard on ships long before morse code was invented. 

Amelie’s other grandfather Carl-Fredric "Buster" Schnell was a military jet pilot and was proud to be the first pilot to fly Vampire in to Sweden. The Insignia collection relate to the captiviating military symbols used on old air force airplanes. 

The Hunt design was a result of Amelie and her brother Carl-Johan Schnell’s longing to give the perfect gift to their father, Carl-Robert Schnell, who has taught, inspired and been a joyful co-hunter to both of them since childhood. The cufflink derive from the bottom of a cartridge.

Classics came to life as Amelie’s father in law, Ambassador Bengt Lundborg, talked about the wish to be able to give away something smart and Swedish within his work. The elegant symbol of three crowns is the nation emblem of Sweden and is often used by the Swedish government and embassies around the world.

Grandmother Agneta Schnell, with her great interest and mind of economics and investment, was the inspiration to the collection Coins where the cufflinks are copies of old Swedish pennies.